Maple Leaf at anchor, Gulf Islands
Eco-Tourism Practices
Responsible Tourism
Maple Leaf Adventures has been featured by the Canadian and British Columbia governments as a leader in responsible tourism.

Our operations and interactions with the human and natural world are informed by the principles of ecotourism:
  • Our trips have low impact (virtually no impact!) on the planet.
  • We partner with local people and support local economies in the areas we travel. We have protocol agreements either signed or in process with First Nations (Native American) whose territories we visit.
  • We believe that it is not enough to merely "see" the coast. We enable our guests to immerse themselves in its beauty, to meet the people that live here in an authentic setting, and to learn as much as they desire about it.
  • We work within the regulations of parks, conservation areas and governments, we pay the applicable fees and obtain permits for all limited-use areas we visit.
  • We dedicate time and resources to preserving the wilderness we travel in. We support research organizations and other organizations working for positive change on the coast. We volunteer the time of our own team for conservation, education and the development of sound ecotourism policies in the province of B.C.
Responsible Industry Development
Maple Leaf Adventures is one of the co-founders of the Gwaii Haanas Tour Operators Association, and one of the authors of the Association's Code of Conduct. It is still used around the world as a model for the responsible tourism industry.

Maple Leaf Adventures is also a co-founder and executive member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association, and an executive member of the Wilderness Tourism Association. We're members of many other organizations including the International Ecotourism Society, the Maritime Museum of B.C. and conservation organizations.

We are the first adventure cruise company (and the first cruise company in the world) to be part of 1% For The Planet. Learn more about how our ecotourism trips donate 1% of revenue to conservation organizations.
A Few Facts
Through our use of 100% recycled, post consumer paper throughout our office and our promotional materials, we save 3 trees, 2142 lbs. of wood, 3150 gallons of water, 648 lbs. of greenhouse emissions, and 4263 BTU (000) of energy per year.   |   Each day we sail we save 100 litres of fuel.   |   We purchase as much locally grown food, and locally caught, wild, sustainable seafood as possible.   |   Our onboard recycling and "composting" programs divert most waste from landfills.   |   Maple Leaf's above-water exhaust system provides a quieter environment for marine mammals.   |   We filter bilge water and use holding tanks.   |   These and many other programs are voluntary, and are fully embraced by all crew and staff.