Maple Leaf Adventures - Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is this trip suitable for me?
A. Anyone is eligible so long as they are enthusiastic about participating, amenable to the vagaries of weather, agile enough to clamber in and out of shore vessels in an area where there are no docks, and friendly enough to get along in the relatively close quarters of a sailing yacht. We have had people on board as much as 80 years of age. However, our trips are not suitable for people of failing health or physical disabilities.

Q. What is included in the price?
A. Our price includes all meals, activities and guides throughout your voyage in the region you are visiting. Specifically included:
  • All meals, snacks and beverages prepared from the freshest ingredients by our superb chef.
  • Fine wines featured with the evening meal, and a limited amount of beer included and available throughout the trip. (Liquor is not a large part of our trips, so plan on light consumption).
  • The services of our naturalist and professional crew.
  • Shore excursions (there are several each day).
  • Admission and guide fees
  • Use of all gear available on board, including, optionally, kayaks and fishing gear.
  • The assistance of our knowledgeable team in the office.
Not included in our price:
  • Transportation to the trip's point of origin.
  • Goods and Service Tax (Canadian trips only)
  • Sustainability Fee. As a professional ecotourism company, it is at the core of our operating principles to work with local communities, respecting regulations and contributing to local opportunities. Responsible operations cost a little more. We extract from the fare a percentage of the increased costs that go towards sustainable communities add it to the list price as a 'sustainability fee' of $100 per trip. Through it we hope our guests share in the pride that a trip with Maple Leaf is a contribution to the sustainability of the whole coast - as well as being the experience of a lifetime!
  • A fishing licence.

Q. Can you accommodate my special diet?
A. Yes. If you advise us in the pre-trip questionnaire we can accommodate most special dietary requirements.

Q. Will I be seasick?
A. Sea sickness is rarely a problem - for several reasons. First, most of the areas we travel are protected waters, not exposed to open ocean swells. This spectacular coast is unlike almost every other in the world. Second, Maple Leaf is a sturdy and sea-kindly ship. We travel short distances in protected waters and go ashore often.

For more detail on why you probably won't be seasick on a Maple Leaf trip - even if you are in other ocean environments - view the article "Inside Passage & Haida Gwaii Cruising Conditions – why you probably don’t have to worry about seasickness", written by Maureen Gordon, who gets seasick in open ocean environments, but not on Maple Leaf trips.

Q. Can I be involved in sailing the ship and performing other duties?
A. Absolutely yes. We encourage our guests to participate in any aspect of the trip that interests them and to whatever level they are comfortable with. We are patient instructors (no yelling) and delight in helping people learn. On the other hand, you are not required to sail or perform duties while on your vacation. The choice is yours.

Q. How much time do we spend ashore?
A. Depending on the area and the day’s agenda, we’ll typically go ashore between 1 and 3 times a day, for between 1 and 3 hours at a time. Some trips are longer, too. For more details, view the article "How Much Time Do We Spend Ashore?".

Q: What makes you an eco-tourism company?
A: Our trips have low impact (virtually no impact) on the planet and on the places we visit. We partner with local people. We have protocol agreements either signed or in process with First Nations in territories we visit. Our naturalists - experts in their fields - and other knowledgeable crew members provide a wealth of knowledge on the areas we visit, as do our First Nations guides. We work within the regulations of parks and conservation areas, pay the applicable fees and obtain permits for all limited-use areas we visit. We dedicate time and resources to preserving the wilderness we travel in.