Beer Tasting Tour
Craft Beer, Culinary and Nature Cruise

Craft Beer, Culinary & Nature Cruise through the Gulf Islands

Beer Tasting Tour
Trip Description
Beer tasting tour - at the helm of Maple Leaf

Micro-brewery tasting tour by boutique ship in Gulf Islands, B.C., Canada

Beer aficionados and cultural travelers note: B.C.'s foremost brewing historian leads 5-day gourmet beer tour of B.C. craft breweries and islands by boutique ship

For a twist on the typical beer tour, join B.C.'s Craft Beer Cruise and discover the rich flavours and colourful history of the province's micro-brewing industry.

Taste 50 Diverse Craft Beers from British Columbia

Arguably as diverse as wine in their flavours, the 50 fine beers included on this tasting tour introduce you to the range of options, from the crisp, cold Swans' Arctic Ale to the chocolate creaminess of Gulf Islands Brewery's Saturna Island Extra Stout.

Add to that the guidance of B.C. brewing experts, succulent food prepared to match the brews, and the spectacular beauty of sailing the Gulf Islands and you've got a world-class beer tour.
Beer Tasting Tour - an island brewery

Visit Behind the Scenes, Sample Exclusive Craft Beer Tasting Meals with Brewmasters, and Learn: For the cultural traveler as well as the brew aficianado

There is plenty to satisfy the educated beer aficionado as well as the traveler interested in local culture and nature.

On this 5-night cruise aboard the classic coastal tugboat Swell or classic schooner Maple Leaf, you will sample the best micro-brews of B.C. and visit beer breweries that range in size from a luxe brewpub to a bucolic Gulf Islands brewery housed, suitably, in a barn-like building.

Indulge in Local Beer Cuisine

You'll sample the local cuisine (some infused with beer flavour) prepared by the onboard chef.

Tasting menuSamples include cheddar and ale soup, cream ale apple fritters, Salt Spring Island lamb, and stout brownies.

And you'll learn about the islands' history and do some wildlife viewing.

Expert Brewing Historian Greg Evans - Social history, beer techniques & more

One of this tour's most unique features is your access to experts who love to share with you. For example, over the 5 days you will have many conversations - over a beer, of course - with historian and guide Greg Evans, about brew types, brewing history, pairing food and beers, the "unbuttoned" social history of drinking on Vancouver Island, local prohibition lore, and more.

Aside from being entertaining and incredibly well connected, Greg has his master's degree in brewing history in western Canada. We kid you not!

Cruise Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands by Sail on a Calm Sea

Beer tasting tour - sunset on the waterAboard your classic coastal ship, with just ten other guests, you'll explore south-eastern Vancouver Island and the southern Gulf Islands. The trip includes frequent shore trips, both for tastings and tours as well as for exploring wild beaches, forest paths and wildlife-rich islands.

This area is one of the world's most beautiful cruising destinations and is on the calm Inside Passage, in the lee of Vancouver Island.

Other Tall Sails & Ales Craft Beer Tour Highlights Include:

  • Special beer tasting tours and meals with brewmasters, not available to the general public
  • A full range of flavours through sampling 50 B.C. micro-brews, many of them award-winning
  • Chef-cooked meals of local cuisine matched to the brewery beers
  • Experiencing the natural beauty of the Islands, with visits to spring wildflower meadows, shell beaches, rainforests
  • Gulf Islands WalkVisiting wildlife hot spots most people can't access, including places popular with porpoises, sea lions and seabirds
  • Local history and nature talks by experts
  • Being part of a small group aboard a real classic coastal ship with a long pedigree here
  • Personalized service and camaraderie with a small group of guests
  • An extensive resource booklet crammed with beer tasting notes, historical anecdotes, collectibles and more

A Tasting Tour, Not a Booze Cruise

Our approach to travel is to provide rich experiences in a thoughtful and fun way. We combine special access to unique experience with knowledgeable local guides and our expertise at coastal cruising and interpretation. As such, this is a tour for exploring and enjoying BC's finest beers and their culural history.

Beer Cruise Inspiration

Inspiration for this beer tour trip, started in 2006, sparked when Evans and Maple Leaf Adventures collaborated on a special beer (by Victoria's Canoe Brewpub), to commemorate the schooner Maple Leaf's centennial in 2004.

"The beer culture and the craft brewing movement in BC are very strong, with some of the finest products and brewers in Canada," says Evans. "Like our American cousins along the Pacific Coast, craft brewers in BC tend to like 'bigness' in their beers - that is, a tendency to more hops, more body and products with a big, rich head.

"While they show high regard for the more traditional styles of beer, they also like to experiment and have produced diverse beers that include hemp, chipotle and hazelnut - in other words, they are both respectful of our brewing heritage and innovators at the same time."

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