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For over 25 years, our multi-day sailing cruises have taken people into the spectacular natural world of British Columbia and Alaska's Inside Passage and Haida Gwaii.

Recommended by Frommer's and National Geographic Adventure, each sailing cruise aboard the schooner Maple Leaf takes place in a region of the coast that is a must-see location.

Our objectives for your trip are to give you the best possible experience of wildlife, nature and culture, as well as a welcoming, informative, adventurous and comfortable trip.

You will travel with a small group of guests. As our guest, you will be guided and cared for by expert crew, prominent naturalist, and chef. Your experience of the coast's rainforests, fjords, islands, wildlife and cultures will be authentic, exclusive and profound.

We also offer power yacht Galapagos Islands cruise tours.

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Sailing Cruises Listing

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Alaska Adventure Sailing Cruise

Alaska Adventure Sailing Cruises

A sailing cruise that explores the best of Alaska's inside passage, from Sitka, AK to Prince Rupert, BC. Get close and personal with ice bergs, glaciers, humpback whales, marine mammals, sea birds, sea otters. Walk the rainforests, view brown bears, soak in natural hot springs. Visit the historic towns, anchor in remote coves. The real Alaska, an alternative to the big ship cruise.
Alaska Adventure Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
12 days / 11 nights

Alaska Adventure Sailing Cruise

Desolation Sound Tours

Explore the stunning waterways, fjords and islands of Desolation Sound, one of the world's most popular cruising destinations. Your small boat tour here in spring lets you experience the power of nature without the summer crowds.
Desolation Sound Tour Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Get Brochure

Usual length:
5 days / 4 nights

Galapagos Islands Cruise Tour

Galapagos Island Cruise Tours

Cruise the Galapagos Islands on a top luxury power yacht, with top naturalists from the park. The best itinerary, including key places off the beaten track. Tortoises, boobies, iguanas, albatross, sea lions, tropic birds, frigate birds, reef snorkelling, kayaking, easy walking. Bonus behind-the-scenes tour of old Quito with an amazing, sought-after resident guide. Galapagos Islands Cruise Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
11 days/10 nights

Great Bear Rainforest Sailing Cruise

Great Bear Rainforest Sailing Cruises

Rated the trip of a lifetime by Frommer's, this sailing cruise explores the fjords, rainforest and islands of the Great Bear Rainforest - also known as the Canadian part of the Inside Passage. Highlights are bear viewing - spirit bears, grizzy bears, black bears, whale watching, frequent shore excursions and visits to remote First Nations communities.
Great Bear Rainforest Tour Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
ranges - 7, 8, or 10 nights

Great Bear Rainforest Sailing Cruise

Great Bear Rainforest Expedition Cruise with Canadian Geographic and Robert and Birgit Bateman, 2014

A very special expedition created for supporters of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. An expedition through the fjords, archipelagos and waterways of Canada's 6.4-million hectare Great Bear Rainforest. Hosted by the crew of Maple Leaf Adventures, this journey with up to three coastal small ships, will bring guests superb access to the rainforest in summer bloom, wildlife including grizzly bears and whales, and a deep understanding of the natural and cultural history of the area. Special guest interpreters Robert and Birgit Bateman, and staff of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, join the expedition, as well as coastal residents we meet along the way. Proceeds to the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and coastal research and conservation projects.
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Usual length:
8 nights

Gulf Islands, BC, Sailing Cruise

Gulf Islands, BC, National Park

This sailing cruise explores the Gulf Islands, BC, an archipelago of islands in the protected Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and the mainland (where Vancouver, BC, is).It is one of the world's best small-boat cruising destinations. You'll island hop in the National Park, visit wildlife colonies, walk the rainforest and rocky bluffs, and explore remote beaches and tiny islands.
Gulf Islands, BC, Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
6 days/5 nights
Haida Gwaii Sailing Cruise

Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands Tours

Haida Gwaii / the Queen Charlotte Islands is a must-see destination for those who love wildlife, far-flung places and/or northwest coast First Nations culture. This sailing cruise explores it all - from rich intertidal life to rainforests to huge whales that feed here. From hot springs to Haida village sites, including UN World Heritage Site, SGang Gwaay.
Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlottes Tour Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
9 days/8 nights
Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Inside Passage Tours

This Vancouver Island tour covers the length of its inside passage, from the dry Gulf Islands national park in the south to the steep-sided, rainforest islands in the north. Wildlife includes marine mammals, seabirds and sometimes bears. Cultures include First Nations and European pioneer cultures, as well as Vancouver Island's growing culinary arts. You'll sail from south to north, along protected passages, an inland sea and from island to island, with frequent shore trips.
Vancouver Island Tour Details (Inside Passage) | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
8 days/7 nights
Vancouver Island sailing cruise

Vancouver Island's Wild Side Sailing Cruise

Explore the remote and wild northwest coast of Vancouver Island, BC. On this sailing cruise, you'll visit long sandy beaches with no-one on them, walk in the rainforest and view Vancouver Island bears as they munch on meadow sedges. Sea otters, seabirds sea lions and the rugged Solandar Island add to the appeal. Includes visits to the Brooks Peninsula wilderness. A rare trip in an undiscovered place.
Vancouver Island Sailing Cruise Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
8 days/7 nights

Orca Killer Whale Watching

Whales and Totems of the Great Bear Rainforest

A sailing cruise focussed on orca / killer whale watching in B.C. This adventure explores the islands and mainland inlets favoured by the northern resident killer whales. In addition to killer whale watching, expect to see humpback whales, dolphins, thousands of seabirds and bears. This trip also includes visits to some Kwakwala sites including Alert Bay's U'mista cultural centre.
Whales & Totems Trip Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
6 days/5 nights
whale cruise

Whales & Wild Isles of Canada's Great Bear Rainforest

This summertime supervoyage along the remote north and central coast of British Columbia specializes in whales, far-flung islands and the oceanic world they inhabit. Step onto wild, white-sand beaches, spend hours with humpback whales and other marine mammals, visit the best place on earth to see orcas (killer whales), and visit with whale researchers who are making new discoveries from their station at the aptly named Whale Channel.
Trip Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
9 days / 8 nights

Photo tours

Photography Tours

Capture images of wildlife and landscapes on these specially-designed photo tours in Canada and Alaska's inside passage, and Haida Gwaii. Guided by the expert crew of Maple Leaf Adventures, including a superb professional photographer as your instructor, you’ll learn photography techniques via lectures and extensive one-on-one tutoring in the field.
Photography Tours Details | Ask for Brochure

Usual length:
varies by destination
painting holiday sailing cruise

Painting Holidays by Sail in British Columbia, Canada

A combination of painting holiday and nature cruise, you'll explore some of the B.C. coast's most beautiful landscapes and receiving painting workshops from leading artists, too. Combines one-on-one instruction, workshops for a small group of up to 8 guests, plus sailing, shore hikes and wildlife viewing.
Painting Holidays Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
varies by destination
beer tour sailing cruise

Craft Beer Tour (Tall Sails and Ales)

A tasting tour with a twist. This combination beer tour, cultural history adventure and sailing cruise explores B.C.'s rich and colourful craft brewing scene. With a respected brewing historian as your guide, you'll learn about the tasting, food pairing, brewing techniques as well as fascinating history behind 50 of the top craft beers in B.C. Includes a sailing cruise of the Gulf Islands, BC.
Craft Beer Tour Details | Itinerary | Dates and Prices | Photos/Video | Get Brochure

Usual length:
6 days/5 nights
family sailing cruise

Family Adventure Holidays in Canada

Book Maple Leaf and her amazing crew for adventure with your family and friends. In addition to the Alaska and B.C. coast's islands, fjords, wildlife and cultures, your trip will give you all quality time together.
Family Adventure Holiday Canada | Get Brochure

Usual length:
varies by destination
family sailing cruise

Victoria, Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island Day Cruises

A day cruise on the Maple Leaf, for groups or individuals, introduces you to the marine nature of the area's beaches, islands and ocean. It also lets you experience Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands' marine heritage.
Day Cruise Details

Usual length:
1 day

How We Travel

We experience the entire environment on our trips, not just the "viewscape". Each day we awake in an anchorage, cruise on the 92-foot schooner Maple Leaf, and go ashore often with inflatable boats to experience the magic of different habitats and the special life that inhabits each area. We also have kayaks on board.

Wildlife and Nature
Each trip is timed to coincide with peak wildlife phenomena, such as whale and seabird migrations or the presence of bears in key viewing areas. Our extremely experienced crew live on the coast and have access to the best places - where many types of operators are forbidden to go. Your experience will be enhanced by learning from the coast's best naturalists.

Coastal Cultures
Human civilizations have existed on this coast since at least the last ice age, if not far longer. There is a rich cultural history here, both of First Nations cultures and of more recent pioneer cultures. Your learning about these cultures includes visits to important sites and conversations and interpretation with residents of the areas we visit.

We Take Your Interests Into Consideration
Want to get the best angles for photography? Help sail the ship? Stay a long time in a Haida village? Watch these whales for hours? Learn the name of every plant? Because we take eight guests per trip, we take your interests into account when making our sailing plan.

The Maple Leaf Difference - 11 Reasons to Travel This Way
What makes a trip with Maple Leaf Adventures one of the world's top-ranked travel experiences by National Geographic Adventure, Frommer's travel guide and Explore magazine?

Perhaps more importantly, why do so many of our guests return again and again?

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