Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands

Sample Itinerary - Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands Tour


Note that, as with all expedition cruises, itineraries vary depending on the interests of the guests, and the actions of weather and wildlife. This sample itinerary is meant to give you an idea of the typical trip.

The World of Haida Gwaii

Day 1 Tour kickoff, visit and tour of Haida Heritage Centre at KAAY LLNAGAAY, tour and dinner on Graham Island. Accommodation ashore included.

Day 2 Board Maple Leaf, orientation, cruising, whale watching, entering Gwaii Haanas. Tanu Haida village site.

Day 3 Burnaby Narrows for some of the planet's densest intertidal life, kayaking, cruising.

Day 4 Sailing southward in Gwaii Haanas, Cape St. James hike (southern tip of Haida Gwaii), Woodruff Bay beach exploration, fishing.

Day 5 Seabirds viewing, UN World Heritage Site visit (SGang Gwaay or Ninstints Haida village site), Rose Harbour visit.

Day 6 Cruising, forest walk, estuary walk, possible bear viewing.

Day 7 Hot Springs Island, sailing. Optional Kayak

Day 8 Windy Bay cultural heritage site, whale watching, Skedans/Koona Haida village site.

Day 9 Cruising to Sandspit.