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Guest Comments - Great Bear Rainforest
"What an experience! I've never been on a boat so beautiful and in places so incredible. What an amazing trip."
- Rhea Suh, California

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful boat and for showing us so much on this truly magical trip. The new friends I made and the sights and sounds of every day are memories I will treasure for a lifetime."
- Penny Bax and Gerry Furseth, Vancouver, B.C.

"I was prepared for the trip of a lifetime - the scenery, the animals, the birds, the fish. I just didn't have a perspective of what the words "a trip of a lifetime" meant. Now I know and I was wowed (WOW). You guys were fabulous. The teamwork, the food, the thoughtfulness, kindness, respect for one another, knowledge of your area of expertise was impressive".
- Wayne H. Johnson, Marblehead, Massachusetts

"It's hard to express in words the wonderful time we had. Whales, sea otters - spirit bears. Most especially, it was a privilege to enter the world of the first nations and gain some real insight into their culture."
- Marjorie and Duncan Paterson, Barrie, Ontario

"A fabulous trip and a great crew. I hope to travel with you again. I've recommended you to everyone I know!"
- Suzanne Gill, Calgary, AB

"What an extraordinary trip! Sea otters, black bears, spirit bears, humpback whales, magnificent scenery, great shore trips, scrumptious meals, wonderful company with lots of laughter and singing. I will always remember soaking in the Bishop Bay hot springs on my birthday - and the delicious ReBar recipe chocolate cake that Erin made for dinner that night. Many thanks for taking such excellent care of us."
- Jean Rissman, Davis, California

"This was a trip of a lifetime. The scenery was spectacular. The crew so very gracious and welcoming. We enjoyed the camaraderie around the table, telling stories, singing shanties, which made it a truly unique bonding experience. Loved the whales, loved the bears and laughed and smiled so much my face hurts."
- Roger and Rae Cook, Los Angeles, California

"Magical" is the one word I have in my heart and mind that describes our trip. I was not prepared to learn so many lessons about the forest, ecomanagement and the knitting together of an unknown group and crew. I truly enjoyed every minute. It was described as "a trip of a lifetime" and it is!"
- Nancy C. Brooks, Woburn, Massachusetts

"The Maple Leaf staff worked together in perfect synchrony with the majesties of nature for an incomparable trip. A slight touch of rain during a morning early in the trip set us up to appreciate the sunny weather to follow, all coordinated into the rhythm of the trip, where each animal seemed to appear by plan. The chef took his cue from the salmon run, keeping our bellies full with the tastiest treats for humans. Skipper Captain Kevin kept everything running smoothly, truly an experience of a lifetime."
- Greg Lehne, psychologist, Baltimore, Maryland

"Truly magical! This trip was as fabulous as I had hoped. The crew - Kevin, Maureen, Spence and Steve, were great - always smiling, always considerate, always a great sense of humour. Barb [naturalist] was a delight - enthusiastic, knowledgeable, fun to talk to. Thank you. I hope we will meet again and travel together in future."
- Marilyn Samuels, psychologist, Calgary, Alberta

"Many thanks to the Maple Leaf and her crew for showing us not only the land of the "spirit bear", but rekindling the spiritual spark to be more attentive to our planet and its need if we want to continue to enjoy such beauty."
- David Craimer, computer consultant, Calgary, Alberta

"This has been the most wonderful trip; the magic was everywhere we looked and the spirit of the area surrounded us. We filled our lungs with oxygen and achieved a new well being and peace. Thanks to all the crew; you all made the trip that much better."
-Chris and Doug Watterson, St. Catherine's, ON

"To all the guests and crew, thank you so very much for bringing the rainforest and its amazing life and creatures into my heart. I will never forget my trip and hope I may be able to return again one day."
- Maggie Catterall, Thaxted, England

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